Wiring For Switch And Contactor Coil

Figure 1.12. Schematic Wiring Diagram Fuel Pump Motor Circuit ... may or may not end where it started, electricity won't start unless it has a complete circuit back to its

Wiring For Switch And Contactor Coil - Feb 26, 2014  · And I have a related (contactor wiring) question, I bought the Auber SYS-2352 PID and SSR. Auber recommends wiring the contactor before the SSR but in PJ's schematics and Kal's drawings, the contactor is after the SSR.. I am wiring a contactor to a well pump with a float switch. The contactor has a 120 volt coil. The pump is 240 volt. The wire to/from the pump float is 18 gauge.. I am wiring a 220v contactor into a 220v pump circuit with one hot leg interupted by a float switch. I have a Square D 30 amp contactor. I have a Square D 30 amp contactor. With one hot leg connected to L1 on contactor and other hot leg interrupted by float switchand then connected to L2, I have 220v at both L1 and L2 on contactor, but nothing.

Feb 20, 2012  · The contactor in the mag switch is activated by a solenoid that usually operates on a separate circuit. Think of it as a relay. The coil should be activated by 120 or 240 single phase.. I have a Mars 780 61347 two pole 30A contactor: I am using this contactor to control a 220V well pump that fills a cistern. I then have a float switch in the cistern which, when closed, should cause the well pump to kick on and fill the cistern.. May 01, 2009  · The coil connections are usually at the top of the contactor labeled as A1 and A2. So control voltage to the switch and then to the coil. Activation of the switch powers the coil and pulls the contactor in to power the loads. In your case security lights..

Aug 02, 2011  · Just think of the contactor as a heavy duty electrically operated switch, as it is an electrically operated swich it needs a coil in it to operate it, in this case I am persuming it is a 240V AC coil.. Definite Purpose Contactors and Starters 0–40A Compact Contactor M = 2NO-2NC snap switch QC only Coil Selection A = 110–120 Vac, 50/60 Hz B = 208–240 Vac, 50/60 Hz with a low VA coil and straight-through wiring. New contactor housing design effectively limits dust and. Dec 04, 2011  · when we must use a 480v coil we always use a 480 to 120v control transformer for control circuits and istead of going through the starter (contactor) coil, we go to a coil on a 2 pole open face relay and pass the 480 through its contacts then to the contactor's coil. so instead of everything being 480, you have very little 480..

CR460 lighting contactors switch ballast (fluorescent or HID), tungsten and general use leg returns contactor to original state • 2-wire control is the choice for single-output automatic operation or for operation CR460XC Spare Coils Lighting Contactors CR460 Components Basic Contactor.

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